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Is Page One Engine by Dori Friend really  the best SEO course in 2015? What the heck is ‘SEO’ anyway?

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The…. Short….. History of SEO


Throughout history humans are always on a never ending search. These searches  try to answer some of the most important questions that plagued mankind for centuries.

These include – but are not limited to – What is life? Why are we here? Does *fill in the blank really exists? What is that itch between my toes? and who can forget – What is the best burger in town?

These are all valid searches, some perhaps more  than others, but all of them need answers.  Isn’t that the purpose of life?

Now before the Internet we used to ask, or were forced to ask, people that we really cared about and respected their opinions , or didn’t,  like friends, family, doctor,  specialists and/or random people on the street.

Now all we have to do is open one of our favorite search engines and type in whatever we want and the answer appears in front of us, hundreds of them.

SEO  or search engine optimization is just the process of making your answer, or one that you agree most with, above all others.


are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceGranted, that might have been a bit over the top but in the great scheme of things it is actually true.

The search engines largely replaced the need to ask your bias friends, self-centered specialists and  annoying know-it-all’s, or at least gives a chance at a second opinion about anything and everything.

Some might argue that SEO is shady and manipulative, and it some cases it is. However, tell me a form of marketing that is not shady and manipulative in the wrong hands? It all depends how you use it.

In fact, SEO in the right hands is quite awesome. Just think about all things you can rank for that will help people just like you and me.

Maybe you had that certain type of “itch” and after trying 10 different creams you finally landed on one that works. You could rank a site and not only help people with the same kind of itch but also make money at the same time.

18061164-largeHow about that great mom and pop’s burger place you love. You can help them rank higher in your local area. You will not only help spread the love  to other burger lovers but also increase the income of the shop and yours.

One can argue that by not doing proper SEO you are doing yourself ,and everyone else, a disservice.  It is up to you to do what is right.

Sounds a bit techie? Maybe 10 or 5 years it was, but now? If you know how to sign up for a free email account you will be able to create sites and rank them on the first page of search engines. It is all about a system of doing it, like Page One Engine by Dori Friend.

Your Inside Way: Review of PageOne Engine

page one engine logoSearch engines, like all things created my people, can be reversed engineered.  So basically SEO is just a series of components that as a whole might seem sophisticated but once apart they are fairly simple. It is even simpler when you actually use it.

in fact, think of it as a car.  Most people that drive cars have no idea on how they work, let alone know each component of it. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from driving it and/or enjoying the benefits of being able to go from one place to another.  It is the same with SEO.

Luckily there are people like Dori Friend, that have spend years taking a part SEO and making it as simple as possible.  Which is the case with the Page One Engine.

Multiple Ways To Rank and Bank

ecommerce-seoThere are tons of ways to earn with search engine optimization. I just barley scratched the surface, pun intended, with the itch and burger example.

For example you don’t even need a website to start earning with SEO. You can rank web properties (social and web 2.0s), videos, articles and everything in between.  Heck, you don’t even need to rank your own stuff, you can simply rank other people’s properties and make money like that.

Also another cool thing about Page One Engine is that Dori, along with other SEO experts, shows you different ways to rank.  This is really important because you will have total control.  Building a email list was never easier then with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review now.

If you just starting out you might think that this is unnecessary, but believe me it is crucial. I myself is a great example of that. I can’t count how many times I purchased a system/course just to find out it uses only one way to rank and bank.  This not only made me lose money but also discouraged me completely.

On the other hand if you don’t really care, than  look at it this way. No matter what strategy you pick from the Pageone engine, you will rank.  So it is a win-win situation.

Want More? Page One Engine Bonus!

Iokay page one engine bonusf you are still reading this means you either find this interesting, amusing or just counting all the types I made.

Still, I feel we connected at some level and want to offer you a bonus that is too good to refuse.  If you get the Pageone Engine by Dori Friend using any links on this page I will not only tell you the best strategies that are working for me, but also help you along the way.

Think of me as an SEO buddy you can ask anything.

So grab your copy of Page One Engine and the by clicking the link below.

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